Setting up an dedicated Internetserver (by DI-Mammut & DI-MeisterM)
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::Preparing a server.cfg file::
The first thing you have to do is open Notepad and create an empty server.cfg file in the Daikatana\data folder. You can make you own server.cfg file using the explanation listed in Server.cfg commands or download a collection of server configurations here.

::Running a game server::
You can run a dedicated game server using this command

daikatana.exe -dedicated –public +exec server.cfg +set port x

The command and be add in a shortcut for the daikatana.exe or run from a command prompt. If you don’t list any port the default port will be 27992. Running a dedicated game server will start up a command prompt. The command prompt list the players that are joining the game and the following
commands can be useful when typed in the command prompt:

Say -> uses for taking to the players like “t” in the game

status -> shows who is on your server, what their pings are, their scores, what map is being played, and what their userid is.

kick “userid” -> To kick a person from your server

gamemap “xyz” -> change the map on the server to “e1dm1” or what ever

::Port and Firewall issues
If you use a firewall make sure that your port x and port x - 10 are open. For example if you use the default port 27992 then it need to be open in your firewall (uses both TCP and UDP) together with the port 27982 (uses UDP only).

You can run several game servers on your PC using different ports e.g.:

daikatana.exe -dedicated +exec server.cfg +set port 27999
(port 27999 and 27989 open)

daikatana.exe -dedicated +exec server.cfg +set port 27998
(port 27998 and 27988 open)

If they are not open, people won't be able to connect to your server!

::Server.cfg commands::

// -> Is used for comments
Example: //DI-MeisterM's Gibbler CFG

set hostname "name" -> This is the servername which will be visible in any game browser, like GameSpy or All Seeing Eye.
Example: set hostname "DI-MeisterM's Server #1"

set public "1" -> Set to 1 will make your server visible for all others. If 0, it won't appear in the server lists, but you can still join if you know the IP address.

set motd "xyz" -> Message of the day. Everytime you join this server you will see at the beginning the message "xyz". You can replace it with anything you want.
Example: set motd "Welcome to DI-MeisterM's Server! | Enjoy fragging "

set maxclients "x" -> This sets up the server to a maximum of "x" players.
Example: set maxclients "3"
This allows 3 players to join your server.

set timelimit "x" -> You'll be able to kick butts in "x" minutes.
Example: set timelimit "20"
The server will run the first map 20 minutes and will then change to the next map.

set dm_use_skill_system "0" -> "0" disables the Skillystem and "1" enables it.

set dm_weapon_stay "1" -> If it's set to "0" the weapons will disappear if you collect them. They will spawn in a couple of time.

set dm_fast_switch "1" -> If it's set to "1" you'll be able to switch between your weapons faster than normal.

set dm_falling_damage "0" -> Enables and disables the falling damage. On default it's on.

set dm_same_map "1" -> If it's set to "1" the map will be repeated unlimited, it's only the same map all the time.

set dm_spawn_farthest "1" -> If it's set to "1" you won't need to hit fire to respawn. It allows you a faster gameplay.

set map "xyz" -> Loads map "xyz". This command should be placed in the last line of your config.
Example: set map "e1dm1a"
This loads the map "Gibbler on the Roof (Original)". For a default maplist, scroll down!

set dm_weap_noallow "number" -> This sets the weapons which WON'T appear in a game. Scroll down for explanation!

set maps_dm "map1 map2 map3" -> You can set a bunch of maps which will be loaded after and after. You can also mix different episodes!
Example: set maps_dm "e1dm1a e1dm2a e3dm1 e4dm1"
This loads the maps "Gibbler on the Roof (Original)", "Storm Sector 7 (Original)", "Wizard's Roost" and "The Dojo".

Default Maplist
e1dm1, deathmatch, E1-Gibbler on the Roof
e1dm1a, deathmatch, E1-Gibbler (Original)
e1dm2, deathmatch, E1-Storm Sector 7
e1dm2a, deathmatch, E1-SS7 (Original)
e1m1b, deathmatch, E1-Marsh Part Deux
e1m3b, deathmatch, E1-Solitary Beatings
e1dm3, deathmatch, E1-Medieval Future
q1dm3, deathmatch, E1-Abandoned Base
e2dm1, deathmatch, E2-Trials of Olympus
e2dm2, deathmatch, E2-Decay of Heroes
e2m2a, deathmatch, E2-Catacomb Carnage
e2dm3, deathmatch, E2-Acropolis Arena
e2dm4, deathmatch, E2-Gladiator
e2dm5, deathmatch, E2-Circe of Death
e2dm6, deathmatch, E2-Wrath of Ares
e3dm1, deathmatch, E3-Wizard's Roost
e3dm2, deathmatch, E3-Shallow Grave
e3m1c, deathmatch, E3-Plague Poundings
e3dm3, deathmatch, E3-Forsaken Outpost
e3dm4, deathmatch, E3-Hellkeep
e3dm5, deathmatch, E3-Bloodkeep
e4dm1, deathmatch, E4-The Dojo
e4dm2, deathmatch, E4-Hard Lesson
e4m5a, deathmatch, E4-Hideout
slicedm1, deathmatch,Slice N' Dice
e1ctf1, ctf, E1-CTF Gibbler
e2ctf1, ctf, E2-Intolerance
e2ctf2, ctf, E2-Olympus CTF
e3ctf1, ctf, E3-The Place
e3ctf2, ctf, E3-The Outlands
e4ctf1, ctf, E4-Mirror Image
e1dt1, deathtag, E1-Hellish Havens

Dm_weap_noallow numbers
->Episode 1
2 - ion blaster
4 - c4
8 - shotcycler
16 - sidewinder
32 - shockwave

->Episode 2
64 - discus
128 - venomous
256 - flare
512 - hammer
1024 - trident
2048 - zeus

->Episode 3
8192 - bolter
16384 - stravos
32768 - ballista
65536 - wisp
131072 - nharres nightmare

->Episode 4
262144 - glock 2020
524288 - slugger
1048576 - kineticore
2097152 - ripgun
4194304 - novabeam
8388608 - metamaser

Example: You want to play a Episode 1 match with Sidewinder only. You just need to add the numbers of the weapons you don't want to have in a match:
2 + 4 + 8 + 32 = 46
set dm_weap_noallow "46"

Special thanks to DI-smover for the dm_weap_noallow cvar explanations!

Additional information can be found here: