Mplayer Demo
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The Daikatana Mplayer deathmatch demo can only be played on Mplayer, unless you install the Internet patch (see below). Game fans will be able to log on to Mplayer to challenge other opponents from across the Internet in intense multiplayer battles featuring up to eight players. The demo was released in preparation for the Daikatana Deathmatch Tournament that will begin in a week and last for four weeks.

The Daikatana multiplayer demo includes two deathmatch maps, one from Kyoto, Japan 2455 C.E. and the other from San Francisco 2030 C.E. Players will have the opportunity to test their skills using five weapons: the Disruptor Glove, Sidewinder, Shotcycler-6, ION blaster, and C4 Vizatergo.

The demo requires a 3D accelerator card that supports Open GL, the final will support DirectX and Software. Technical support is limited, and feedback/comments should be directed to For more information on the game please check out the online readme file.

There is a LAN/Internet patch available for this demo to allow you to play the game on the internet and not just Mplayer. (see below)

System Requirements

Daikatana requires a minimum configuration consisting of:
P200 (PII 300 Recommended)
32 MB Ram (64 Recommended)
4 MB SVGA Videocard
Open GL 3D accelerator card
50 MB of Hard Drive space
Sound card
Windows 95/98 or Windows NT
DirectX 6.0

Mplayer Demo FAQ
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:: Where can I download the Mplayer Demo of Daikatana ?::

Mplayer Demo
katanademo.exe [Mirror 1][Mirror 2 ][Mirror 3 ][Mirror 4 ] 30 MB

Physics Patch by DI-MeisterM

Lan Crack (from Extreme Annihilation Tourney '99)


:: How to make a dedicated server for the Demo? ::

Simply download these example configs and place them in \data folder.
ServerCfgTDM.cfg -> Read more about Team Deathmatch below!

To run the dedicated server, you need to start Daikatana like this:
daikatana.exe -dedicated +exec servername.cfg
Replace servername.cfg with one of the configs above!

:: How to play Team Deathmatch without any bugs? ::

Before the match the teams have to agree which skins they want to use. The choice is between: blue, green, red and gold. The players who play in the same team must use all the same skins, but they're allowed to play with different characters. These two commands are also important for TDM:
set dm_teamplay "1" // this enables the TDM mode
set dm_friendly_fire "1" // if it's 1 you can't hurt your team members

:: How can I tweak/bright up the Daikatana DM Demo? ::

Simply open your Daikatana.cfg file in "\Daikatana DM Demo\Data" and add/search for following lines:
set intensity 2.9 //(add line)
set vid_fullbrightintensity 1.6 //(just edit existing line)
set gl_ext_gamma 2.5 //(just edit existing line)
set gl_modulate 6.5 //(add line)

:: Which weapons are in the Demo? ::

Weapon Description

Disruptor Glove

You start with it. It's a low distance glove.

Ion Blaster

It shoots energy balls which bounce from walls to walls.


Powerful shotgun which shoots 6 projectiles. There's a script which you can use to jump very high.

C4 Vizatergo

The mine gun. You can mine the whole map with it.


It's a rocket launcher which shoots 2 spiral rockets.


:: Which effects do the boosts Power, Attack, Speed, Acro and Vitality have? ::

Boost Effect
Power increases the damage factor of your weapon(s)
Attack increases the speed of your weapon projectiles
Acro increases the player jump high
Speed increases the player speed
increases the player health
1.) LAN Crack: Vitality + Goldensoul = 200 health
2.) Mplayer Patch: Vitality + Goldensoul = 525 health