Skill System
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At the beginning you should first bind these commands to keys:
show_huds // toggle the status/skill bar
scoreboard // toggle the scoreboard
hud_prev // Goes to the previous skill
hud_next // Goes to the next skill
hud_use // Select the skill
Simply open the "current.cfg" file in the \Data folder of your Daikatana Installation or use the mainmenu option "Keyboard" for binding these keys.

How to use the skill system!

    When you frag in Daikatana you will gain skill points, and when you have frag enough your skill bar will popup and the POWER will start flashing. You can now upgrade your player. This is done by:

  1. Press hud_next to move to the skill you want to upgrade.
  2. Press hud_use to upgrade the skill.

Mikiko, Hiro and Superfly

Mikiko, Hiro and Superfly has different skills in the beginning of a multiplayer game, so choose the player which fits best to your game style.

  • Mikiko starts with 1 ATTACK and 1 SPEED.
  • Hiro starts with 1 ATTACK and 1 ACRO.
  • Superfly starts with 1 POWER and 1 VITALITY.

Text is written by DI-Mammut