Strafe Jumping
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At the beginning you should first bind these commands to keys:
+forward // Move forward
+back // Move backwards
+moveleft // Strafe left
+moveright // Strafe right
+moveup // Jump key
Simply open the "current.cfg" file in the \Data folder of your Daikatana Installation or use the mainmenu option "Keyboard" for binding these keys.

How to do strafe-jumping?

  1. Push forward (move forwards).
  2. Hold down forward key and hit the jump key.
  3. After hitting the jump key hold down the left OR right strafe key in the air.
  4. After that you will hit the ground and then hold down again the forward and strafe key and look with the mouse to the direction you want to jump to.
  5. If you want to change the direction while you are strafe-jumping in the air simply use the strafe key.
  6. For making the jump as perfect as possible you can also move (while jumping) the mouse about 10° to the strafe direction.