Trickjump Demos
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These trickjumps will show you the amazing Daikatana movements and aircontrols. To be able to watch them, you must place them first to the \Data\Demos Folder of your Daikatana Installation. Then you need to start Daikatana and go into the console and then type: demoplay trickjumpname.dem
Replace "trickjumpname.dem" with the name of the demo you have downloaded.

DI-MeisterM's Demos
Gibbler on the Roof
(gibbler_trickj1.dem -> gibbler_trickjump10.dem)
Gibbler Original (giborig_trickj1.dem -> giborig_trickj11.dem)
Storm Sector 7 (ss7_trickj1.dem -> ss7_trickj9.dem)
SS7 Original (ss7orig_trickj1.dem -> ss7orig_trickj11.dem)
Marsh Part Deux (marsh_trickj1.dem -> marsh_trickj3.dem)
Solitary Beatings (solitb_trickj1.dem -> solitb_trick3.dem)
Medieval Future (mfuture_trickj1.dem -> mfuture_trickj3.dem)