Game Tweaking
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There are a couple of useful console command available to tweak Daikatana. But first you need to be able to open the console. Download this file first and place it into your \Data folder of the Daikatana Installation. By the next start of Daikatana you should be able to activate the console while pressing "`" key, it's the key left of "1" and under "Esc".
Note: Before you quit Daikatana please save your config file to be sure that the following binds are saved. You can replace the mentioned bind "key" with every keys you want, the following keys are only examples. Alternative you can just make a new .cfg file and put the commands into it, and execute it with the "autoexec.cfg". This file can you download here. To execute a config, just put the line "exec configname.cfg" in the "autoexec.cfg" file. Replace "configname.cfg" with the name of you config.

Texture resolution switching (from F1 -> F6 key):
bind "f1" "set gl_picmip 0; vid_restart"
bind "f2" "set gl_picmip 1; vid_restart"
bind "f3" "set gl_picmip 2; vid_restart"
bind "f4" "set gl_picmip 3; vid_restart"
bind "f5" "set gl_picmip 4; vid_restart"
bind "f6" "set gl_picmip 5; vid_restart"

Switch game to Fullscreenmode:
bind "]" "vid_fullscreen 1"

Switch game to Windowmode:
bind "[" "vid_fullscreen 0"

To remove particle effects, like smoke, rain etc.:
bind "PGDN" "cl_particles 0"

Turn off shadows:
set gl_shadows "0"

Turn off dynamic lightning:

set gl_dynamic "0"

Turn off red-screen if you're hit by a weapon:
set gl_polyblend "0"

Set resolution (same than in video options):
set gl_mode "4"
;0 - 320 x 200
;1 - 400 x 300
;2 - 512 x 384
;3 - 640 x 480
;4 - 800 x 600
;5 - 960 x 720
;6 - 1024 x 768
;7 - 1152 x 864
;8 - 1280 x 960
;9 - 1600 x 1200

Set Field of View:
set fov "110"

Gamma Correction (smaller = brighter):
set vid_gamma "0.5"

If you don't want to modify your own config you can just download some player configs right here.