Last update: June 19,2010

Daikatana Retail Patches redline.gif (43 bytes)
US V1.0 -> V1.2 patch [Mirror 1] [Mirror 2] [Mirror 3] [Mirror 4] []
US V1.0 -> V1.1 patch [Mirror 1] [Mirror 2]
US V1.1 -> V1.2 patch [Mirror 1] [Mirror 2] [Mirror 3]
UK V1.0 -> V1.2 patch [Mirror 1] [Mirror 2] [Mirror 3] [Mirror 4] []
German V1.0 -> V1.2 patch [Mirror 1] [Mirror 2] [Mirror 3] []
Spanish V1.0 -> V1.2 patch [Mirror 1] [Mirror 2]
Italian V1.0 -> V1.2 patch [Mirror 1] [Mirror 2]
French V1.0 -> V1.2 patch [Mirror 1] [Mirror 2]
Texture Fix Patch for Daikatana 1.2 [Mirror 1] [Mirror 2] []
Daikatana 1.0 German Sat1 Edition Fixed Exe File + Installationsanleitung
Daikatana 1.2 Blood Patch
Original Daikatana 1.0 US Exe File (for applying US Patch 1.2)
Original Daikatana 1.0 UK Exe File (for applying UK Patch 1.2)
Original Daikatana 1.2 US Exe File

Official Map Pack (needs 1.1 or 1.2) Take a look at the overview!redline.gif (43 bytes)
dkmappack.exe [Mirror 1] [Mirror 2] [Mirror 3] []

Daikatana Deathmatch (DKDM) v1.2.1+Patch (Readme and forum thread) redline.gif (43 bytes)
DaikatanaDM_v1.2.1.exe []

DaikatanaDM_v1.2.1-v1.2.2.exe (Patch) (Readme)

Daikatana Linux Server Script
redline.gif (43 bytes)
Daikatana Linux Server Script 1.2 (by DI-MeisterM) [More information]

Daikatana Editing
redline.gif (43 bytes)
Ion Radiant (official Map Editor from ION Storm)
DAI Tools (DAIpak, DAImdl, DAIwal by Pentagram XIII)

Daikatana Alpha and Beta Versions
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dk_prealpha_3-21-1997.rar (Daikatana pre-alpha March 21, 1997) [Mirror 1]

Daikatana Gameboy Colorredline.gif (43 bytes) (English ROM) (Europe ROM)

Usermappack by DI-smover, Dr. Foxy and Lord Killer redline.gif (43 bytes)

Daikatana Single- / Multiplayer Demo (April 2000)
redline.gif (43 bytes)
dkdemo.exe [Mirror 1] [Mirror 2] [Mirror 3] [Mirror 4] []
Demo Patch for german systems

Daikatana Mplayer Deathmatch Demo (Feb. '99)
redline.gif (43 bytes)
katanademo.exe [Mirror 1][Mirror 2][Mirror 3][Mirror 4][Mirror 5]
LAN & Internet Patch for Mplayer Demo (from Extreme Annihilation Tourney '99)
DLL Patch for Lan patched Mplayer Demo V3 (to bring back Mplayer physics+control and to remove the differences (skillsystem) in the characters)

redline.gif (43 bytes)
Sidewinder Particle Mod for Retail 1.0/1.2 (by DI-MeisterM) [More information]
Daikatana DM Demo Modification 0.3 alpha (by DI-MeisterM) [More information]

redline.gif (43 bytes)
English guide, (C) by ign.guides (PDF)
German guide, (C) by PC Joker (HTML)

Other Downloads
redline.gif (43 bytes)
Qtracker & DK mapshots FIXED (Server Browser with Daikatana support)
GameSpy Arcade (the home of the Daikatana players, check out the tutorial for it)
PowerStrip (to increase the brightness of Daikatana)
DKDTL Server Launcher (for hosting dedicated servers, by DI-smover)
Player configs (to tweak and optimize Daikatana)
Daikatana Mouse-Cursors for Windows
DK Modelconverter (ports DK models -> Quake 2 models, by Pentagram XIII)
DK Wallpapers (by DI-MeisterM)
DK Loginscreen for Windows XP (by DI-MeisterM)
DK Connection-tool (by [S.F.C] Sarge)
DK Config Loader-tool (by [S.F.C] Sarge)
DK Map Loader-tool (by [S.F.C] Sarge)

DaiTools 1.0 (by [S.F.C] Sarge)

redline.gif (43 bytes)
Daikatana Done Quick Episode 1 (by DI-MeisterM)
Atrocity vs. Korn Mplayer Final 2000 (by [H9]Atrocity)
Atrocity Deathmatch Collection (by [H9]Atrocity)
Fake Romero vs. DI-MeisterM (by DI-MeisterM)
Little deathmatch with some HCIs on the mplayer (by DI-MeisterM)
High ping in Gibbler (by DI-MeisterM)
DI vs. SFC Capture the Flag match (by DI-smover)
Normal Capture the Flag match (by DI-smover)

Maps & Sources
redline.gif (43 bytes)
Rocket-Arena II (E1RA2) Usermap by DI-MeisterM
Skyline Beta 4 Usermap by DI-MeisterM
Doom2map7 (E1D2MAP7) Usermap by DI-MeisterM
The Edge (DKQ2DM1) Usermap by DI-MeisterM
E4Q2DM1 Usermap by DI-smover
E1DT1 Source (by ION Storm)
E4E1DM2A (by [S.F.C] Sarge)
E1YARD2 (by DI-Mammut)
E1DM2A & E1DM2 (Storm Sector 7) for Quake 3 (by Tr3B & DI-MeisterM)

Ingame mp3 music by Will Loconto
redline.gif (43 bytes)
E1M1 - Swamp Adventure
E1M2 - SewerCo Crawl
E2M1 - Lemnos Isle
E2M2 - The Catacombs
E3M1 - Plague Village
E3M2-A - Choice of Path
E4M1 - Alcatraz Headbanging
E4M2 - Tower of Crime

Lost music from Daikatana betas
redline.gif (43 bytes)
Lonely Hearts
River of Blood
Surrounded by Evil

All other stuff and downloads are available at PlanetDaikatana.