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Each of the following weapons and items is essential to a balanced deathmatch. And each has its own merits. Some will complement your natural battle style more effectively than others. Become familiar with them and you can use each to your advantage under any circumstances.

weapons and ammo: The weaponry you prefer will define your deathmatch style and affect your gameplay drastically. Get to know every weapon—how it works, under what conditions it’s best used, and the kind of ammo it requires. Understanding how to locate and operate these goodies is essential for a quality deathmatch.

sidewinder—The Sidewinder blasts dual sidewinding missiles that spiral forward until they reach a target. Each missile deals 75 hit points of damage. The Sidewinder requires rocket ammo to operate.
shotcycler-6—The Shotcycler-6 is a semiautomatic shotgun that releases six rounds each time you fire it. Each round contains 10 pellets that have the potential to inflict 4 points of damage apiece. The pellets discharge in a random spread within a cone-shaped area of up to 9 degrees. The Shotcycler-6 uses bullets for ammunition.
ion blaster—The Ion Blaster shoots a green Ion Sphere that ricochets upon impact with two surfaces and dissipates upon impact with a third. The Ion Sphere will detonate upon impact with a player for 30 hit points of damage. You must have Ion Packs as ammunition for the Ion Blaster.
C4 vizatergo—The C4 Vizatergo hurls a batch of plastic explosives straight ahead. The explosives adhere to walls and will detonate under the following circumstances:
• If the C4 remains on the surface for 30 seconds (it destabilizes)
• If a player comes within proximity of the explosive
• If nearby C4 modules explode and cause it to detonate as part of a chain reaction

The Vizatergo uses C4 Plastic Explosives for ammunition.

temporary statistics boosters: Each player will possess abilities in five areas: attack power, attack speed, jumping, running, and health. With each kill you will gain experience points that will allow you to increase your abilities in the area of your choice. Artifacts called statistics boosters will temporarily increase your ability in a specific area. Pick up the Power Boost to improve your attack power, Acrobatic Boost to jump higher, Vitality Boost to increase your maximum potential health, or the Speed Boost to run faster then before. Rare permanent statistics boosters spawn periodically and resemble the normal statistics boosters, but with a radiating glow. These items will permanently increase the abilities of a player in one area.

armor: Even the best deathmatchers require armor for protection in combat. Keeping your body protected will help you endure significantly longer.

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