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plasteel armor—The somewhat strong-er Plasteel Armor gives a player 200 percent armor coverage and absorbs half of the damage from enemy attacks.
chromatic armor— The weaker of the two body protection devices from 2455 A.D., Chromatic Armor provides a player with 100 percent armor and absorbs one-third of the damage from any attack. Additionally, the Chromatic Armor provides special protection against Ion Blaster attacks.
health packs: Health packs can be found throughout each level and will heal you with 25 hit points each. In addition to the traditional health packs, you may access a Hosportal to regain lost health. Hosportals are small, computerized health stations that must be used to be activated. A Hosportal will restore five health points per second to the player. Be aware that although the Hosportal can give back a great deal of health, it makes a noticeable sound when activated. Other players will immediately know your location upon using the Hosportal, so use it cautiously.

goldensoul: The Goldensoul is a valuable golden heart that adds 100 points to your health.


Use the following strategies as starting points toward improving your own general deathmatch skills. Master these basics and you’ll be ready to formulate your own unique style and technique.

Above all else, practice! Every player will find different tactics effective. Spend time with the game, and you’ll discover new ways to smash your friends and enemies that suit your own style of play.

optimal key configuration: Before considering deathmatch strategies and sizing up your opponent, find an effective control configuration. Enabling Mouse Look in the Options menu allows you full control to look in any direction using the mouse—and using a mouse to control your viewing direction is essential in becoming a competitive player.

Although using the mouse can be frustrating at first, you’ll find you quickly develop improved aim and control. Most maps require a great deal of quick shooting up and down that can most effectively be accomplished with Mouse Look.

With Mouse Look enabled, shift your X- and Y-axis sensitivity in the Mouse menu until you’re comfortable with how quickly the mouse turns your view. You can also invert mouse movement direction by selecting the Reverse Axis option in the Mouse menu. With Mouse Look enabled, the left mouse button is ideal to use as a Fire button.


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