Daikatana PAK file guide by [S.F.C] Sarge
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Guide: DaiPak; Pak2.pak Overview.

This page is a general view about Pak2.pak. It will give informations about files and folders that are contained in the Pak.

  Overview of the Pak2.pak's tree

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·Pak #2·

· Maps Folder...

        Subdir : None
        Files: *.bsp

The maps directory contains all the maps files, associated to the .bsp extension, available in game for single player, multiplayer, and in-game cinematics. BSP files are compiled .map files, done using the Daikatana's map editor, Ion Radiant. You can get more informations by consulting the "BSP For Dummies" guide at QXX site (hosted by PlanetQuake). You'll notice that this page is for Quake 2 map architecture, it's only because Daikatana and Quake 2 use the same engines, and that the map structuce itself is similar, at the exception of few slight differences. The following is a detailled list of the maps :

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Episode 1: Japan 2455 C.E.

E1M1A : Marsh Pt.1
E1M1B : Marsh Pt.2
E1M1C : Marsh Pt.3
E1M2A : Sewer System Pt.1
E1M2B : Sewer System Pt.2
E1M3A : Solitary Pt.1
E1M3B : Solitary Pt.2
E1M4A : Crematorium Pt.1
E1M4B : Crematorium Pt.2
E1M4C : Crematorium Pt.3
E1M5A : Processing Pt.1
E1M5B : Processing Pt.2
E1M6A : Icelab Pt.1
E1M6B : Icelab Pt.2
E1M6C : Icelab Pt.3
E1M7A : Vault Pt.1
E1M7B : Vault Pt.2

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Episode 2: Greece, 1200 B.C.E.

E2M1A : Lemnos Isle Pt.1

E2M1B : Lemnos Isle Pt.2
E2M1C : Lemnos Isle Pt.3
E2M2A : Catacomb Pt.1
E2M2B : Catacomb Pt.2
E2M2C : Catacomb Pt.3
E2M3A : Athens Pt.1
E2M3B : Athens Pt.2
E2M3C : Athens Pt.3
E2M4A : Acropolis Pt.1
E2M4B : Acropolis Pt.2
E2M4C : Acropolis Pt.3
E2M4D : Acropolis Pt.4
E2M4E : Acropolis Pt.5
E2M5A : Lair of Medusa Pt.1
E2M5B : Lair of Medusa Pt.2
E2M5C : Lair of Medusa Pt.3
E2M5D : Lair of Medusa Pt.4
E2M5E : Lair of Medusa Pt.5

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Episode 3: Norway, 560 C.E.

E3M1A : Plague Village Pt.1
E3M1B : Plague Village Pt.2
E3M1C : Plague Village Pt.3
E3M2A : Passage Pt.1
E3M3A : Dungeon Pt.1
E3M3B : Dungeon Pt.2
E3M3C : Dungeon Pt.3
E3M4A : Wyndrax Tower Pt.1
E3M4B : Wyndrax Tower Pt.1
E3M5A : Crypt of Nharre Pt.1
E3M6A : Gharroth's Throne Pt.1

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Episode 4: San Francisco 2030 C.E.

E4M1A : Alcatraz Pt.1
E4M1B : Alcatraz Pt.2
E4M1C : Alcatraz Pt.3
E4M2A : Beneath the Rock Pt.1
E4M2B : Beneath the Rock Pt.2
E4M3A : Tower of Crime Pt.1
E4M3B : Tower of Crime Pt.2
E4M3C : Tower of Crime Pt.3
E4M4A : Mishima Labs Pt.1
E4M4B : Mishima Labs Pt.2
E4M4C : Mishima Labs Pt.3
E4M5A : Mishima's Hideout Pt.1
E4M6A : S.E.A.L. Training Center Pt.1
E4M6B : S.E.A.L. Training Center Pt.2
E4M6C : S.E.A.L. Training Center Pt.3

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Credits : Credits map presenting the development team.
End : Ebihara Research Center. The ending maps, plays before Credits.
Intro : This is the intro cut-scene featuring Hiro being attacked by ninjas.
Timestream23 : This is the cinematic where the player passes from episode 2 to episode 3.
Timestream34: This is the cinematic where the player passes from episode 3 to episode 4. 

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Multiplayer : Deathmatch

E1DM1 : Gibbler On The Roof
E1DM1A : Gibbler On The Roof (Original)
E1DM2 : Storm Sector 7
E1DM2A : Storm Sector 7 (Original)
E2DM1 : Trials of Olympus
E2DM2 : Decay of Heroes
E3DM1 : Wizard's Roost
E3DM2 : Shallow Grave
E4DM1 : The Dojo
E4DM2 : Hard Lesson

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Multiplayer : Capture The Flag

E1CTF1 : Gibbler CTF
E2CTF1 : Intolerance
E3CTF1 : The Place
E4CTF1 : Mirror Image

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Multiplayer : Death Tag

E1DT1 : Hellish Havens

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Multiplayer : Slice N' Dice

SliceDM1 : Slice N' Dice