Daikatana PAK file guide by [S.F.C] Sarge
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Guide: DaiPak; The .PAK Explorer Tool.

DaiPak downloads:

DaiPak 1.001
DaiPak 0.9 (Only for versions history and files archiving) 

For further informations on files extraction, please follow this great and complete guide at Slyck's page.


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[Fig. 1] DaiPak's main menu. Click to enlarge.

Step #1 : First of all, we have to open DaiPak by double-clicking on Daikatana Pak Editor.exe. Feel free to explore the interface and take time to be confortable with all the menu's item and icons as it won't damage any of your files because we haven't opened any file yet. (See Fig. 1)

[Fig. 2] The open icon. Click to enlarge.

Step #2 : We can then start opening the Pak files and explore them. To do so, click on the icon in the tool bar. (See cursor on Fig. 2)

[Fig. 3] The DaiPak file browser. Click to enlarge.

Step #3 : This will brings down the files browser window. Navigate to your Daikatana's data folder (By default it should be: C:\Program Files\Eidos Interactive\Daikatana). (See Fig. 3)

[Fig. 4] Selecting the Pak file. Click to enlarge.

Step #4 : Select the Pak file you want to open by double-clicking it or clicking it once and pressing the "Open" ("Ouvrir" on the picture, French Windows) button. We'll use the pak1.pak as exemple in this guide. (See Fig. 4)

[Fig. 5] The contents of the Pak file. Pak1 has been used for this exemple. Click to enlarge.

Step #5 : The Pak file has been opened. Consult the directories table at the end of this page to know a little more informations about what's inside each folders. (See Fig. 5)

[Fig. 6] Selecting the file you want to extract. The shown dir is /.../textures/. Click to enlarge.

Step #6 : Now, we have to select the file we want to extract. For a more understandable example, we'll navigate together to Gibbler On The Roof textures folder located at .../textures/e1dm1a/, as the tree on the left shows. Select any file you want by either;

Selecting a complete set between two files by clicking on the first item of the list you desire, holding "Shift", and clicking on the last one of the wanted set. (In example, I clicked once on +0rscirc1.wal, I held the "Shift" key, and clicked (still holding "Shift") on +2rsminimon2.wal to select all the files between both, including +0rscirc1.wal and +2rsminimon2.wal). You can then stop holding your "Shift" key ;) Remember that this trick works for any files browser in Windows. (See Fig. 6)

Selecting individual file by holding the "Ctrl" key and clicking once on the file you want. After you're done selecting, you can unpress the "Ctrl" key.

[Fig. 7] Extracting the files. Click to enlarge.

Step #7 : Extract the files you selected by clicking one of those three icons:

; Extract the selected files.

; Extract the current directory. (All files shown on the right screen)

; Extract all files in the pak. (Every directory and files will be extracted)

Those icons are located in the tool bar. (See Fig. 7)

[Fig. 8] The files extracted seen from Windows explorer. Click to enlarge.

Step #8 : You can now access your file from Windows Explorer. They'll be located in your .../Daikatana/Data/*The folder you extracted the files from*. Do you remember that we used the Gibbler On The Roof textures as exemple? They were located in .../textures/e1dm1a/. See the path shown on the shot in the path text field. It is .../Daikatana/Data/Textures/e1dm1a/. And all the files I had selected on Fig. 6 are there. (See Fig. 8)


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Pak Structure Table.

Click on the Pak file you wish to get a complete overview of it.

Pak1.pak                   Pak2.pak                    Pak3.pak