Daikatana PAK file guide by [S.F.C] Sarge
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Guide: DaiPak; Pak3.pak Overview.

This page is a general view about Pak3.pak. It will give informations about files and folders that are contained in the Pak.

  Overview of the Pak3.pak's tree

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·Pak #3·

· Models Folder...

        Subdir : characters, cinematics, e1, e2, e3, e4, global, interface
        Files: *.dkm

The Pak3.pak contains all the models used in the game. For a complete definition end explanation of a 3D model, please refer to this Wikipedia's page. In short, 3D model are three-dimensional representation which whom we applyed a "skins". Their animation are a serie of positions called frames, which, all put together, create a fluid movement. Those models files can be opened with the Daikatana Model Viewer tool by Blackrose. The following is a brief overview of the subfolders of the models one.

Characters: Contains the three main characters models. (Hiro.dkm, Mikiko,dkm, Superfly.dkm)

Cinematics: Characters models used during cinematics.

E1*: Contains all the models related to Episode 1 (monsters, weapons, items, etc..)

E2*: Contains all the models related to Episode 2 (monsters, weapons, items, etc..)

E3*: Contains all the models related to Episode 3 (monsters, weapons, items, etc..)

E4*: Contains all the models related to Episode 4 (monsters, weapons, items, etc..)

Global: Contains models that appears in all four episodes like skills boost, special items, etc.

Interface: Models used to the menu, like rotating buttons.

- Monsters models are preceded by m_ or me_
- Weapons are preceded by w_ or wa_ for ammos
- Items are preceded by a_
- Decorating models are preceded by cin_ or dx_ where X is the episode number

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· Skins Folder...

        Subdir : None
        Files: *.dkm

The unique file contained in this folder is "we_expball.dkm" which is only an explosion models. Nothing more in this folder.