Multiplayer FAQ
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1.) Why are other players much faster than myself?

This can have several reasons.
1.) They've chosen Mikiko as player model. She starts with one SPEED point.
2.) They use the Strafe Jump to gain speed.
3.) They powered up their stats, like SPEED or ACRO. Read more about it here.


2.) Sometimes my stats flash (arrow is blinking at Power) in the left side of the HUD, what does that mean?

That means it's time to boost up your stats. Now you can choose which ability you would like to upgrade. You can choose between POWER, ATTACK, SPEED, ACRO and VITALITY. A detailed introduction can be found here.


3.) What does Rocket Arena mean?

Rocket Arena is a very popular mod(ification) since Quake. There you have special maps with jumppads and the only weapon you have is the Sidewinder. Normally you wouldn't cause any damage with the Rocket Launcher on yourself, but unfortunately this feature isn't available in Daikatana. So you cause damage on yourself and your enemy.


4.) What does Instagib mean?

In Instagib you only have one weapon and one hit means one frag. You spawn randomly with one of these two weapons:
Episode 1: Sidewinder / Ion Blaster
Episode 2: Poseidon's Trident / Venomous
Episode 3: Ballista / Bolter
Episode 4: Kineticore / Slugger


5.) Why can some people jump very high (from ground to buildings) with the Episode 1 Shotcycler weapon?

That's because they use the Shotcycler Jumpscript.


6.) Why can some people jump very high with the Sidewinder / Poseidon's Trident / Ballista / Kineticore weapon?

That's because they master the Rocketjump perfectly. Some people might also use this script.


7.) Why do I sometimes hang in walls or lag near walls when I play in Episode 3?

Another player might "nail" you with the Ballista weapon on the wall so you can't move. It seems like lagging but you can hit always the TAB-key to take a look on your ping.


8.) Is it right that I can't find in Episode 2 map Catacomb Carnage (e2m2a) any ammo for Poseidon's Trident?

Yes that right! It seems the developers left the ammo out because of balancing or they just forgot to put it in.


9.) How do the Episode 2 weapon Eye of Zeus and the Episode 3 weapon Nharre's Nightmare work? I normally kill myself only?

You can only kill your enemies with that weapon if they're in your sight. So if they hit between a rock or something else you will kill yourself only. They also have to be on the same high than yourself.


10.) What is Deathtag? Can you explain me the rules?

There are 2 teams of 2 players each, a red and a blue team. The objective of the game is to find your team's bomb, and to score with it. The Deathtag Mod needs good coordination between the 2 teammates.

The bomb, in the team base, it is hidden behind a door. To open that door, one of the players has to go push a button in the other team base.Then the first player can take the bomb.

When the player takes the bomb, he uses a teleport and spawns in the other team's base. As the scoring area is in his base, he has to come back in his team base.

The scoring area is after a big body of slime. The slime won't hurt the player who has the bomb.

The 2 bases are exactly the same (except for color). On the roof you will find an Attack PowerUp, a 200 Armor, the Gaz Hand (The best weapon ever !) and 2 packs of rocket ammo.
(text written by DI-Smover)


11.) I have problems to join a server, what is the reason?

This situation can have several reasons.
1.) Your gameversion is still 1.0. The majority of gameservers use 1.2. You can get the patch in the Files Section.

2.) The gameserver has a map running which you haven't installed in your Daikatana folder. Make sure you have installed the Official Mappack and take a look at the user maps in the Files Section and on Smovermaps!

3.) Start Daikatana.exe with the +set console 1 parameter and take a look in the console if you get a "Loading plaque timeout" error. This error mostly appears on an old OS, like Win98 or WinMe.
You can try to fix this issue with following steps:
Go to START, then SETTINGS, then CONTROL PANEL, then ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS, then click the WINDOWS SETUP tab, then click once on INTERNET TOOLS, then click DETAILS, then uncheck the INTERNET CONNECTION SHARING option.

4.) If you get disconnected from a server, it usual takes a few minutes before you can join again. As the server has to kick your ghost out before you can join again.