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Merry Christmas and a happy new year! - update by DI-MeisterM

I wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new!

This year I don't have a present for you my dearest visitors, but I talked with John, and he thinks that it will be possible that another Daikatana Alpha version will be released at the beginning of the next year!

- December 1,2005 -redline.gif (43 bytes)


The quiz is over and here's the winner:

Jake Young from Ohio, USA


The package will be send this or next week. It will be there before x-mas!

- November 30,2005 -redline.gif (43 bytes)
Last Daikatana Quiz Day - Reminder! - update by DI-MeisterM

Today is your last chance to win a signed Daikatana box by John Romero. To participate, simply go to the Daikatana Quiz Page!

- November 14,2005 -redline.gif (43 bytes)

Updated Daikatana Mappack for Qtracker 4.11 - update by DI-MeisterM

I had to update the Daikatana Mappack for the newest Qtracker version.

You can download it right here!

- November 5,2005 -redline.gif (43 bytes)

New Qtracker out! - update by DI-MeisterM

Ron Mercer, the creator of Qtracker, has just released a new version of his server browsing multi-function tool. Qtracker 4.1 adds support for following games:

- Quake 4
- Serious Sam 2
- Call of Duty 2

Qtracker is ad- and spyware free and it has many more functions than GameSpy's GSA or All Seeing Eye. I can really recommend it!

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New Daikatana Quiz available! - update by DI-MeisterM

As mentioned in the lastest news, the new Daikatana Quiz is available. You can win one signed Daikatana box by John Romero!

Click to enlarge!
Click to enlarge!

Go to the Daikatana Quiz Page now!

- October 29,2005 -redline.gif (43 bytes)

New Daikatana Quiz very soon! - update by DI-MeisterM

The last Daikatana Quiz (see news from August, 16th) was too hard, at least it seems so. I got only a few emails and the majority of answers were too wrong. This means, there was no winner at all. So I made a complete new Quiz with 5 easy questions EVERYBODY can solve, even my grandmother. Be prepared, it will be released at the end of this month!

- October 10,2005 -redline.gif (43 bytes)

Official Daikatana Soundtrack available! - update by DI-MeisterM

Dominus Animae is pleased to announce its first soundtrack release with John Romero's DAIKATANA. The score as well as a multitude of high quality samples from it can be found here:


There are two soundtracks available, each for $13.99. And before you ask: Yes, Dominus Animae has the full rights from Eidos and John Romero to release this soundtrack!

I will try to get my hands on one copy of it soon ;)
Btw: you HAVE to listen to "River Of Blood", it's a blast!

- October 6,2005
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John is hiring - update by DI-MeisterM


John Romero is searching for talented people for following jobs:

  • Lead Artist
  • Lead Programmer
  • Lead Designer

More details are available here.

- September 23,2005 -redline.gif (43 bytes)
ksfrogman Vs LooMiS deathmatch movie - update by DI-MeisterM

[HCI]Morph has made another Daikatana movie. This time it features the player which was placed second in the lastest Daikatana Mplayer Tourney: LooMiS (DBOS Kurupt). You can download this movie with clicking on the image below:

It's also available in the movies section!

- August 31,2005 -redline.gif (43 bytes)

CGW article and John's new company
- update by DI-MeisterM

The new CGW issue includes a new article written by Robert Coffey. It's about John Romero and Daikatana. You can read it in the Rome.ro forums for free :)

On the other news, John posted, that he's founding a new game company and he also says, that he's "Much happier now". More information about this topic here. John also thinks, that if more information of his new game would be released, "everyone will be a bit shocked".

Let's keep fingers crossed it will be a next-gen first person shooter!

- August 30,2005 -redline.gif (43 bytes)

Rome.ro Forums are back!
- update by DI-MeisterM

John could fix the database error, which caused all the trouble:

"There was apparently some kinda jackage with the SQL database file on the site. I just figured out how to fix it and all is now good and happy."

Like always, you can get into the forums by clicking this link!

- August 28,2005 -redline.gif (43 bytes)

On Rome.ro Forums Failure
- update by DI-MeisterM

As you may noticed, the Rome.ro forums are currently not working probably. John Romero is working on the problem, here's a quote from the mail I've received a few minutes ago:

"Yeah, itís a big prob with the forums right now Ė Iíve been gone for several days and couldnít do anything about it. Now I can. :)

- John"

- August 16,2005
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- update by DI-MeisterM

Now, the surprise I mentioned some weeks ago has finally arrived! You have the chance to win a Daikatana box signed by John Romero! You just need to answer 10 questions correctly so that you've a chance to win the package.

Sounds easy ,eh? Go to the DK Quiz Page now!

Click to enlarge!
Click to enlarge!

- August 8,2005 -redline.gif (43 bytes)

H9-Atrocity Deathmatch movie
- update by DI-MeisterM

[HCI]Morph has made another Daikatana movie. This time it features the lastest tourney winner H9-Atrocity on the map Marsh Part Deux. You can download this movie with clicking on the image below:

It's also available in the movies section!

- August 2,2005 -redline.gif (43 bytes)
New month. New movie!
- update by DI-MeisterM

And again [HCI]Morph has released another Daikatana movie. This time featuring H9-Wicked during the Mplayer frag-times. You can download the movie with clicking on the image below:

It's also available in the movies section!

Furthermore, John and Rhaluka are one week in holidays and after their return there will be a very BIG SURPRISE for all Daikatana fans here!

- July 26,2005
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Part 2 of the Capture The Flag movie is out!
- update by DI-MeisterM

[HCI]Morph has completed part two of the Capture The Flag movie. You can get the second part with clicking on the image below:

I also added a new Daikatana movie page right here!

- July 23,2005 -redline.gif (43 bytes)
New Movie available!
- update by DI-MeisterM

[HCI]Morph has made another Daikatana movie. This time, it's about Capture The Flag on Gibbler on the Roof. You can get the first part with clicking on the image below:

[HCI]Morph also said, that there will be at least a part 2 of it! Enjoy!

- July 17,2005
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DaiTools 1.0 released - update by DI-MeisterM

[S.F.C]Sarge worked on his program DaiTools and it finally reached version 1.0.

You can download it here!

Btw: check out this page in the next couple of days! There will be a very big surprise for you all, be prepared!

- July 13,2005 -redline.gif (43 bytes)

It's official now: John Romero left Midway - update by DI-MeisterM

In the Rome.ro forums John comments about the departure from Midway:

"Hey guys, I can definitely confirm that I have left Midway - I've been gone for about 3 weeks and Rhaluka and I have been traveling around and having fun together (a sort of honeymoon without going to tropical destinations).

Midway says that development of Gauntlet hasn't been impacted by my departure and is scheduled to ship this fall. I can't say anything more about the situation and hope you all understand. (smile)

I'm currently looking at lots of exciting developments right now and it'll be a couple months before I can announce my next destination."

- July 9,2005
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Time to vote!- update by DI-MeisterM

Yeah, it's time for you to vote guys! If you're interested in playing Daikatana Deathmatch with the very small community take your time to vote for your prefered time by following the link behind this image:

Vote for your prefered time now!

- July 8,2005 -redline.gif (43 bytes)

[S.F.C]Sarge's PAK file guide is available! - update by DI-MeisterM

My Daikatana online "bro" and friend Mathieu "[S.F.C]Sarge" Sarrasin invested much time into his PAK file guide, which explains the three pak files, which came with Daikatana. Sarge explains the contents of them, how to change/edit some of them and how to use the DAI Pak tool. You're interested? Then check out the guide here!
Btw: you'll see soon, that the guide might interest you to get a free copy of Daikatana...

- June 17,2005 -redline.gif (43 bytes)

John Romero @ CPL - update by DI-MeisterM

The CPL has announced that John Romero, Creative Director of Midway Home Entertainment and co-creator of the legendary games Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, Doom II, Heretic, Hexen, and Quake will be traveling to Dallas next month to attend the Cyberathlete Extreme Summer Championships 2005.

The Cyberathlete Extreme Summer Championships 2005, primarily sponsored by Intel, will take place July 6 to July 10 at the new Gaylord Texan Resort in Grapevine, Texas. For more information visit http://www.thecpl.com/summer2005

Source: http://www.caleague.com

- June 4,2005 -redline.gif (43 bytes)

Mike Wilson suing over Masters of Doom - update by DI-MeisterM

In the book, its is alleged that Wilson employed shady business tactics in order to buy a BMW with company money, a suggestion Wilson denies, and says his reputation has been tarnished as a result. The former Ion Storm COO is currently moving onto pastures new after Eidos dissolved Ion Storm, and is trying to setup a new publisher called Gamecock Media Group.

"There's nothing they could have possibly said that could be more damaging," states Wilson. "This is an industry publication read almost exclusively by my peers in the industry."

More to check out over at Ferrago.com.

- May 24,2005 -redline.gif (43 bytes)

Lost Concept Art is back! - update by DI-MeisterM

Today I received a mail from a visitor called Todd and he gave me a link to the Daikatana Concept Art from 2000 by ION Storm. I upload all the stuff and it's available, like the comic book, with thumbnails. Simply click on the image below:

Thank you very much Todd!

- May 20,2005 -redline.gif (43 bytes)

Daikatana Comic Book online - update by DI-MeisterM

I scanned for the community the official Daikatana comic book from Prima's Official Strategy Guide. You can read it if you click on the image below:

- May 2,2005 -redline.gif (43 bytes)

Daikatana soundtrack some day - update by DI-MeisterM

John Romero announced today that an official Daikatana soundtrack CD is on the way:

"I helped a guy get together all the music sources for a Daikatana soundtrack (a couple months ago) that he'll be releasing sometime. He has all the agreements with EIDOS finalized and is probably done with the album art as well.

I'll tell you all when it's released. So crazy that a Daikatana soundtrack is coming out 5 years after the game's release!"

- April 19,2005 -redline.gif (43 bytes)
Daikatana DM Demo Modification 0.3 alpha - update by DI-MeisterM

Today I released the first version of the Daikatana Deathmatch Demo Modification 0.3 alpha. You can get it right here. Below are a few example screenshots:

You can also discuss it, like always, in the Rome.ro Forums.

- April 19,2005 -redline.gif (43 bytes)

Daikatana Movies Update: E2 Deathmatch Action - update by DI-MeisterM

[HCI]Morph did another Daikatana movie which shows this time Episode 2 Deathmatch action. As always you can get it on the HCI clanpage. If you want to discuss the movies, you can do it in Rome.ro's Daiaktana Forum.

- April 15,2005 -redline.gif (43 bytes)

Masters of DOOM Movie - update by DI-MeisterM

Computer Games Magazine is reporting, that the work on a Masters of Doom movie already has begun. You can discuss about it in this Rome.ro Forums thread.

"The executive producer and scriptwriter for the movie is Naren Shankar, who currently is an executive producer on CBS's crime show CSI and has written scripts for shows like The Outer Limits and Farscape. Shankar stated in the Variety story that he first learned about about the David Kushner authored book by reading a review in an engineering journal. The book chronicled the formation of id Software and in particular focused on the developer's two driving forces, its master programmer John Carmack and designer John Romero. There is no word yet on when Showtime plans to start production on the movie."

- April 6,2005 -redline.gif (43 bytes)

Quake.de is finally back - update by DI-MeisterM

My all time favorite Quake related page Quake.de, running by [Win]Elchtest, is finally back on track. It was hacked last year and now it's repaired and back with all it's beauty.

- April 2,2005 -redline.gif (43 bytes)

You April-f00ls! - update by DI-MeisterM

The yesterday's information about transforming this page into Counter-StrikeNews.net was a joke for April 1st, nothing more. I would never make a Counter-Strike related page, for no money in the world :)

I hope you had fun with that joke and enjoyed my Photoshop work on the Counter-Strike.at webpage.

- April 1,2005 -redline.gif (43 bytes)

DaikatanaNews.net to Counter-StrikeNews.net - update by DI-MeisterM

valve contacted me and wants to see something like DaikatanaNews.net for Counter-Strike. Because I don't have the time to run both pages at the same time I think it's time to give up Daikatana at all. Tomorrow this page will feature Counter-Strike news. You can see a preview shot here:

- March 21,2005 -redline.gif (43 bytes)
Highres screenshots of Daikatana - update by DI-MeisterM

I added high resolution screenshots to the page. There are also Voodoo5 5500 screenshots from Episode 3 Deathmatch. You can take a look on them right here.

- March 16,2005
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Monkeystone will close its doors - update by DI-MeisterM

According to John's posts at the Rome.ro Forums Monkeystone is shutting down very soon because Tom Hall and John Romero are busy with other things:

"Tom's not even at Midway anymore. He just moved to Austin to freelance.
I'm happy at Midway and super busy. There's no time for Monkeystone.
Bye bye Monkeystone."

On Hyperspace Delivery Boy's possible freeware release:

"Anyway, since we're shutting down Monkeystone, Tom is going to get HDB to do with as he feels. And I'm not sure if he's still planning on freewaring it..."

- March 4,2005 -redline.gif (43 bytes)

Interesting Rome.ro forum threads - update by DI-MeisterM

In the last couple of days there's a lot of activity in the Rome.ro forums and John answers almost every question. Here are the important topics:
-> John's opinion about the newest FPS
-> Game Company Startups

Finally a quote from John about Doom 3:
"DOOM3: If you want to play a dark, spooky game, the first few hours of this one will keep you jumping. But after 8 hours, I just couldn't continue playing - the repetive level design and completely predictable traps just bored me. And because of the predictability, I wasn't scared anymore and that was really the entire purpose of this game."

I absolutely agree with him and hope, that the addon will be better. But hey, it must be better, because it's from Nerve Software...

- March 2,2005
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Something important for me...Star Trek - Enterprise - update by DI-MeisterM

Help Star Trek - Enterprise! Spend money to bring us season 5!

- March 1,2005 -redline.gif (43 bytes)
Bobby "Xcalibur" Pavlock on DK_E1DM2 maps - update by DI-MeisterM

As mentioned in the news from January 15, 2005 Tr3B and myself released the two Daikatana Deathmatch maps E1DM2A and E1DM2 for Quake 3 Arena. Now Bobby finally took time to comment our work in the Rome.ro forums:

"Wow! Talk about a blast from the past! The remake of my old SS7 looks great! Brings back memories... :)

Q3 will never match the cool moves you could pull off in DK version of SS7 though. It is definitely the funnest DM map I have ever made. If only DK DM had caught on a little more...."

- February 25,2005 -redline.gif (43 bytes)
Page update - update by DI-MeisterM

I worked a little on the page and updated following sections:
-> Downloads
-> Clanlist
-> Clanless Daikatana Players

Don't forget to click on the "Refresh" button of your Browser.

- February 21,2005 -redline.gif (43 bytes)

More Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows stuff - update by DI-MeisterM

You can get highres screenshots and the first video of "Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows" at GamersHell for free (thanks for the link sordit). Furthermore there's a pretty interesting discussion going on about the game at the Rome.ro forums.

- February 18,2005
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Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows announced - update by DI-MeisterM

Midway Entertainment officially announces "Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows", John Romero's and Josh Sawyer's new baby. You can read here the official announcement and the first Preview and Video are also available at GameSpot.

- February 13,2005 -redline.gif (43 bytes)

Daikatana II feedback - update by DI-MeisterM

Corbin wants your feedback about his Daikatana II fan project. You can take a look into this Rome.ro forum thread and vote for it. If you want to post your opinion about it, you can do it aswell. I'm still for myself very sceptical...

Update: I closed the thread because of many reasons.

- February 11,2005 -redline.gif (43 bytes)

ION Storm closes its doors- update by DI-MeisterM

GameSpot is reporting that ION Storm (Austin) closes its doors:

"One of the most storied development studios in game history has shut down. Today, Eidos Interactive officials confirmed to GameSpot that the company is shuttering its Austin, Texas, studio Ion Storm."

Now are at least two former ION Storm employees working at Midway Entertainment. They are called Harvey Smith and Warren Spector.

- February 3,2005
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Romero interview and Midway licensed Unreal Engine 3 technology

Gamerfeed released a new interview with John Romero. They talk about John's current work at Midway Entertainment and different topics about John past business and games. You can read the interview here.

In the other news Midway Entertainment chooses Unreal Engine 3 for Next Generation Game Development. Maybe we can now expect another kick ass FPS? You can read the official press message at Yahoo.

- January 16,2005
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Daikatana maps information- update by DI-MeisterM

Here's a list of the map designer which worked on Daikatana maps. John Romero did following maps: E1M1,E1M2,E1M3,E1M6 and E1M7.

The other designer created the multiplayer maps. You can see in that list who worked on the maps. You can also see where they work today and on which games:

Iikka Keranen -> Valve (Half-Life²)
Chris Perna -> Epic Games (Unreal Tournament series)
Bobbly Pavlock -> 3D Realms (Duke Nukem Forever [who knows?!] )
Larry Herring -> Ubisoft
Luke Whiteside -> Paradox (Mortal Kombat:Shaolin Monks)

Thanks to John for the facts!

- January 15,2005
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Storm Sector 7 for Quake 3 Arena - update by DI-MeisterM

Tr3B and myself ported the very popular Daikatana maps E1DM2A and E1DM2 (map author: Bobby Pavlock) to Quake 3 Arena. The maps are finished now and can be downloaded here.

E1DM2A - SS7 (Original) E1DM2 - Storm Sector 7

There are also the Quake 3 .map sources included, so feel free to edit the maps like you want, if you don't like the item placements or other stuff...

More maps will be released in future, be prepared ;)

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