- December 24,2004 -redline.gif (43 bytes)
Merry xmas and a happy new year 2005! - update by DI-MeisterM

John Romero recently updated his page and added a Java based GameChat to the page. You need to be registered at the Rome.ro forums to use it.

I also prepared a little present especially for the Daikatana community...

Merry christmas to you and a happy new year 2005!
Special greetings to Quake.de, which were unfortunately hacked.

- December 20,2004 -redline.gif (43 bytes)

1000brush mappack for Quake released - update by DI-MeisterM

You might ask why do I write this into the news of this Daikatana related page? Easy answer: this mappack for Quake uses the Daikatana Norway textures from Episode 3. Take a look on these two screenshots:

You can find a download link in this Rome.ro forums discussion thread.

- December 19,2004 -redline.gif (43 bytes)

Rome.ro Daikatana page update - update by DI-MeisterM

John updated his Daikatana page with news regarding the GameBoy Color version of Daikatana. He also links to 1UP.com's Daikatana history page.

- December 7,2004 -redline.gif (43 bytes)
DAIKATANA PRE-ALPHA (MARCH 21, 1997) released! - update by DI-MeisterM

One of the things I already stopped in believing finally happened. John Romero has released the very first pre-alpha version of Daikatana. At this development process the game was using the Quake(1) technology.
The pre-alpha version comes with two playable singleplayer maps: e1m3 and e2m3.

E1M3: The C4 Vizatergo in action ;) E2M3: The Disc of Daedalus in action :)
Wireframe view of E1M3 Wireframe view of E2M3

A few other fans and myself helped John with the creation of the documentation for this pre-alpha version. The documentation is very detailed written and should answer almost every question.
You can get the pre-alpha of Daikatana on John Romero's brand new Daikatana page!

- November 24,2004 -redline.gif (43 bytes)
ION Storm office photos - update by DI-MeisterM

John Romero has released on his website many photos from the old ION Storm office tower. Simply click on the image and you'll enter John's photo gallery:

- September 22,2004 -redline.gif (43 bytes)
Killcreek Strat Guide available - update by DI-MeisterM

I added Killcreek's Strat Guide for the Mplayer Daikatana Deathmatch Demo to the page. But I also changed some images (like weapon or armor) so that they fit better to the demo. No text changes were done.

- September 19,2004 -redline.gif (43 bytes)
Dedicated Server guide updated- update by DI-MeisterM

DI-Mammut and myself updated the Setting up an dedicated Internetserver guide. We also added a collection of server configurations for download here.

- September 17,2004 -redline.gif (43 bytes)
Huge update to the community section - update by DI-MeisterM

I added a big list of Daikatana players to the community section. It contains all known clans and players. There's also a list of clanless players. Both groups had a strong input to build up the Daikatana community.

- September 16,2004 -redline.gif (43 bytes)
DaikatanaNews.net is born! - update by DI-MeisterM

I decided to change the clanpage to DaikatanaNews.net because the DI Clan is dead. There are too many inactive members. But I didn't want to close the page so it will stay online with all Daikatana related news. There will be updates from time to time like in the pasts. As you can see there have been many visual updates to page, but there are also contents updates. Feel free to look around and have fun!

- September 15,2004 -redline.gif (43 bytes)
Best of Daikatana Frags Video #3 - update by DI-MeisterM

[HCI]Morph has released the third video of "Best of Daikatana Frags". The video is 6:30 mins long and shows one of the best Daikatana players out there in action. Read more about it here.

- September 5,2004 -redline.gif (43 bytes)
Bastardz from own-age.com - update by DI-MeisterM

Those bastardz from own-age.com don't want to host the Daikatana videos from [HCI]Morph. That's their reply:

"Being that own-age.com is growing more and more every day, our standards must raise, and we can't accept everything.
If you wish to revise your video, and include some editing and more/better content, we'd be more than happy to give it a second chance.
Thank you, and I hope you understand our stance!"

Yeah, it's better to host the 9999th Counter-Stirke camper video and the 99th Q3 "I'll rail your way, baby" video than the first video of Daikatana ever.

- August 6,2004 -redline.gif (43 bytes)
Best of Daikatana Frags Video #2 - update by DI-MeisterM

[HCI]Morph has released the second video of "Best of Daikatana Frags". The video is 4:50 mins long and shows one of the best Daikatana players out there in action. Read more about it here.
Additional note: an own-age.com mirror will be available soon for both videos!

- July 21,2004 -redline.gif (43 bytes)
Best of Daikatana Frags Video #1 - update by DI-MeisterM

[HCI]Morph has released the first video of "Best of Daikatana Frags". The video is 4:55 mins long and shows one of the best Daikatana players out there in action. Read more about it here.

- June 15,2004 -redline.gif (43 bytes)
Gauntlet will offer Daikatana stuff - update by DI-MeisterM

John Romero is currently working at Midway on a Gauntlet remake for consoles. In the forums John confirmed, that the game will include secret stuff, taken from Daikatana. That means that all E3M1 maps of Daikatana will be included in Gauntlet. Furthermore the other Gauntlet developers are surprised about the sidekicks in Daikatana. Read more about it here ;)

- April 13,2004 -redline.gif (43 bytes)
Daikatana.net is available! - update by DI-MeisterM

Madcow, the adimistrator of the new Daikatana resource page Daikatana.net, has finally launched his page. Take a look into the huge file section the page offers. It will be updated from time to time, so be prepared :)

- March 21,2004 -redline.gif (43 bytes)
NVIDIA ForceWare 56.82 Daikatana issues - update by DI-MeisterM

The new ForceWare (formely Detonator) drivers for Nvidia cards are available now for Win9x/Me and Win2000/XP systems. But they have a little bug included: you're not able to turn off Vsync for OpenGL mode completly. That's really bad, because this really increases Daikatana's map loading times. But there's a work around: download the tool RivaTuner and click on the arrow on the right of Drivers settings / Customize. Then click on OpenGL / Vsync and set it to "Always off".

- February 26,2004 -redline.gif (43 bytes)
Multiplayer FAQ added! - update by DI-MeisterM

I just put the first 10 most popular questions and answers online. It will help you a lot to understand how Daikatana's multiplayer works and why things seem to be strange in this mode. You can find the FAQ in the l33t stuff section! If you have additional questions you want to see in this FAQ, feel free to mail me.

- February 2,2004 -redline.gif (43 bytes)
John Romero married Rhaluka - update by DI-MeisterM

John and Rhaluka married in Romania. You can read the whole story right here.
The DI-Clan congrats you two and wishes you the best for the future!

- January 4,2004 -redline.gif (43 bytes)
Qtracker Daikatana mapshots official released- update by DI-MeisterM

Ron Mercer, the developer of Qtracker, has just released the official Daikatana Mapshots package for his server multi-utility Qtracker. You can find it on his page or in the Files Section! Just a note: if you have Qtracker installed you just need to double click the file. It will install all contents automatically.

- December 24,2003 -redline.gif (43 bytes)
Merry xmas and a happy new year!- update by DI-MeisterM

Merry xmas and a happy new year from the last remaining Daikatana only clan. May your dreams and wishes will come true. As a little present for you DI-Mammut made this Qtracker mapshot package, which includes all mapshots from DK 1.2 + official mappack.
You have to extract it to: \Qtracker\Mapshots\Daikatana

- November 15,2003 -redline.gif (43 bytes)
Qtracker with Daikatana support out!- update by DI-MeisterM

Ron Mercer, the author of the fully-functional server browser Qtracker, has released a new version with Daikatana support. It's available on the Qtracker homepage, so check it out ;)

One note to all server admins:
Please use QtUplink for adding your DK server(s) to the Qtracker master serverlist. This will have the effect that other players can see your server(s) in the list and can join.

- October 28,2003 -redline.gif (43 bytes)
Rome.ro update - update by DI-MeisterM

John Romero updated his Rome.ro page with a bunch of news. He talks about his new girlfriend Raluca and his re-location at San Diego where he works for Midway Home Entertainment. Furthermore Red Faction for Nokia's N-Gage gone gold.

- October 14,2003 -redline.gif (43 bytes)
More Romero & Hall & Midway- update by DI-MeisterM

Midway confirms Romero and Hall sign-on on GameSpot has confirmation of today's report that the pair of MonkeyStone designers have signed on at Midway. Here's a bit, that adds some new fuel to the fires of speculation:

Midway San Diego today confirmed that two of the industry's most widely known designers, John Romero and Tom Hall, have signed on to lend their experience to one of the company's upcoming action titles (which, one Midway insider says, is an already-in-the-works new version of Gauntlet).

Romero will be the project lead, while Hall will carry the title of creative director. Both designers will also assume roles with broader responsibilities at the San Diego studio. The pair will start work Wednesday.

- October 13,2003 -redline.gif (43 bytes)
John Romero & Tom Hall to Midway- update by DI-MeisterM

Computer and Video Games has a report up indicating that John Romero and Tom Hall, formerly of id Software and ION Storm (now Monkeystone), have hooked up at Midway, though the scant detail in the report does not make it clear whether this also means an end to their association with MonkeyStone Games. Here's a bit:

Following information received from sources close to the company, we contacted Midway earlier today and a spokesperson confirmed to us the company has employed the talents of none other than ex-id Software and ex-Ion Storm men John "Don't mention Daikatana" Romero and Tom Hall.

While the spokesperson couldn't confirm the capacity in which these industry stalwarts have been employed, inside sources have informed us that Hall will assume the role of creative director at Midway and oversee all the company's internal projects.

Romero, on the other hand, will, according to our source, re-shape the internal studio and head-up one of Midway's forthcoming games.

- October 11,2003 -redline.gif (43 bytes)
Site updates- update by DI-MeisterM

Today I re-upploaded all Wallpapers and Music files. This time it's a safe webspace and they should stay longer than before.

- September 24,2003 -redline.gif (43 bytes)
Rome.ro Forums are back- update by DI-MeisterM

For all of you who didn't figure it out already alone: the Rome.ro Forums are back online! It was an ISP issue which was thankfully fixed a few days ago.

Btw: DI Clan is still waiting for the interview answers John ;)

- September 14,2003 -redline.gif (43 bytes)

Rome.ro Interviews and Forums- update by DI-MeisterM

There are two John Romero interviews available:

Furthermore the Rome.ro page and forums are currently down.

- September 2,2003 -redline.gif (43 bytes)
We need YOUR help to get the source code!- update by DI-MeisterM

We all know that John has the source code. He can't release it, because Eidos doesn't allow him to make it public. So I want to set up an email to Eidos, with a big signature of all DK fans out there. You all should post here your email address and write one sentence to agree with this last try and that you want to support DK with this action. We need as many as possible people!
I will send Eidos the link from this thread plus a signature which contains all email addresses from the fans, who want the source code.

Sign in @ Rome.ro
Sign in @ PDK

- July 12,2003 -redline.gif (43 bytes)
Lost member is finally back!- update by DI-MeisterM

DI-Tattooman is finally back to DK. He left Damage Inc. for about 2,5 years.
I played with him today and his skills are still bad ass. Great to have you back bro!

- June 19,2003 -redline.gif (43 bytes)
John Romero's Congo Cube is out!- update by DI-MeisterM

I just took a random look at the Congo Cube webpage and noticed that the Download area has finally opened! You can get the demo version of this high addicted game there. Just click on the image to get to the page:

- June 5,2003 - redline.gif (43 bytes)
Usermappack & ION Radiant available- update by DI-MeisterM

The community Usermappack is now available as direct download link in the Files Section. The usermappack is done by DI-smover, Dr. Foxy and Lord Killer. Furthermore I uploaded the official Map Editor from ION Storm called "ION Radiant". It's available here.

- June 2,2003 -redline.gif (43 bytes)
A few updates- update by DI-MeisterM

Today I made a few updates to the Files Section and added some Wallpapers. Check it out!

- May 29,2003 -redline.gif (43 bytes)
All DK wallpapers are online now!- update by DI-MeisterM

Yes! I uploaded all excisting DK Wallpapers and added them on the page. There are little preview pictures which will show you how the wallpapers look like. They can be found in the l33t stuff Section.

- May 27,2003 -redline.gif (43 bytes)
New mp3s for download- update by DI-MeisterM

Today I added several mp3 music files from Will Loconto, which were released 1997. I added them with direct and fast download links, so no Fileplanet waiting. Furthermore I uploaded the lost music files, which didn't make the way into the retail version of Daikatana. The music is available in Files Section on the bottom of the page.

- May 26,2003 -redline.gif (43 bytes)
Q1 Engine supports DK maps- update by DI-MeisterM

The programmer DarkOne works on an updated Q1 Engine which supports Q2 maps. He already ported "Gibbler on the Roof" from the Daikatana DM Demo and "Wizard's Roost" from DK Retail to his engine:

Gibbler on the Roof Wizard's Roost

You can get more information about this project in the Rome.ro Forums.

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